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FantasyFist is a mobile app that allows you to play auction based fantasy sports for real prizes, like Smart Phones, Gift Cards, Talk Time and Cash.


Win Fantasy Leagues to earn points
& Redeem points to win real prizes

For each tournament, Join public leagues or create private league with friends. Participate in online-auction to build your dream team. Manage your team and Win fantasy leagues to earn points. Redeem points to win Smart Phones, Gift Cards, Talk Time and Cash.

  • Select Tournament to Create or Join the leagues

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  • Draft unique players to create your team

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  • Manage team to score more and stay on top

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  • Earn points by playing & winning more leagues.

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  • Redeem points to win real prizes.

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Have Questions? Get Answers

What is auction based fantasy sports?
Bidding based fantasy sports means, create the fantasy sports team by placing bid on players. This is how it works: Owner of the league will set-up bidding (draft) date/time when all the participants have to remain online to bid. 30 mins prior the draft, participants will select the players whom they want to bid. When draft starts, app will show players one by one to participants. Based on the bidding order, each participant will get chance to place bid on the player in specified time. Participant can pass on player if he/she doesn’t want the player or doesn’t want to bid higher. Once all other participants pass, remaining highest bidder will get the player.
What if I don’t available online on draft/bidding date/time?
After draft date/time, participant of league will get 24 hours to get players from the undrafted pool of players. In these 24 hours, participant will get players on first come first bases with minimum bid. Participant can go in league details page and get players from “Player” tab in these 24 hours.
What is the difference between Public and Private League?
Public leagues are open leagues, which are visible to all registered users and can be joined by any registered user, while Private league is not visible to all and can only be joined by invited users with the “Invite Code” sent by owner.
How to win real prizes?
You will earn points by participating and winning leagues. Once you start earning points, you can redeem those points to win prizes using “Reward Center” link in app’s left menu. Here are 10 ways to earn points.
  • Sign up - 50 points (one time bonus)
  • Create League and 1 or more joins - 1 point
  • Join league - 1 point
  • Invite friend and invitee joins - 1 point
  • Participate in Draft and draft minimum 2 players - 5 points
  • Complete team of 8 players - 5 points
  • Won first position when more than 1 participants are in league - 20 points
  • Won Second position when more than 2 participants are in league - 5 points
  • Buy Coins - 5 points
  • 4 months session (Jan-April, May-August, Sept-Dec) - 1st person in leader board - 50 points
How can I join Private league?
Once owner invite other participant for private league, participant will receive “Invite Code” in the email. Participant can join the private league by entering this code in “Enter Code to Join Private league” text box under Tournament tab.
How many players can I draft in league?
In league, each participant has to draft total 8 players; 3 batsman, 3 bowlers, 1 All-Rounder and 1 Wicket keeper.
How the scoring works?
Each participant team of the league will get points based on players’ actual performance:
    Core Scoring:
  • Runs scored: 1 point per run scored
  • Wickets taken: 25 points (if the batsman dismissed is classified as anything except ‘Bowler’). 15 points (if the batsman dismissed is classified as ‘Bowler’).
  • Catches: 10 points per catch held
  • Stumpings: 10 points per stumping
  • Run outs: 10 points per run-out
    Bonus Points for Bating
  • + 20 points for every 50 runs that a player scores 
  • + 20 points for player winning man of the match award 
    Bonus Points for Bowling
  • + 20 points for players who get a three-wicket haul 
  • + 30 points for players who get a five-wicket haul 
  • + 20 points for player winning man of the match award
    Negative Points
  • - 20 (negative twenty) points for every non-bowler who is dismissed for a duck.
  • - 10 (negative ten) for a bowler who is dismissed for a duck.
Can I be the admin/moderate to manage the league?
Yes, registered users can become admin/moderator for their own league. Admin/moderator user can create/edit the league and draft date/time, but can’t create own fantasy team in the league. To become an admin/moderator, user needs to select “Participate As Admin” check box while creating league.

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